About The International Woman Awards


The International Woman Awards aim to celebrate women who are changing the world in their own ways. The International Woman magazine is a platform that showcases women’s excellence but just writing about women role models is not enough. The International Woman Award will recognise ability, struggle, effort and, above all, excellence.

The award will shine a spotlight on the unsung heroines that work tirelessly all over the world to create a better world for all of us and our children.

The IW award will also facilitate international networking of influential women. At this time in our existence, women cannot afford to just stand alone but with other women. We must create a force to reckon with and put the adage ‘there is power in numbers’ to work. Therefore, these awards will also facilitate a network of strong and independent women.




For women excelling in the corporate world. A nominee must hold a current position in the private or public sector with demonstrable achievements.



Active women politicians making a difference in their constituencies. Notable achievements or breaking new ground, as well as demonstrable efforts to help women succeed in politics, will be considered for the award.



In recent time, writing has continued to not only shape but change the world. Women writers whose work contributes towards a greater good, especially in the areas of gender equality, politics etc, will be recognized.



Visual entertainment is a part of our lives and women who are contributing to making that possible must be celebrated. Nominees must have either appeared in or directed a film which was shown on TV or the big screen or on online platforms.



Journalism is our passion. Many women risk their lives all over the world to bring us stories that change our lives. To tell us hidden truths that we would otherwise never know without them. Nominees must be a full time or freelance journalist whose work has been published in third part mainstream media.



The advent of blogging has changed the way we receive and consume information. Nominees must have a blog writing about issues that contribute to one or more of the following; women’s visibility, empowerment, equality, voice amplification, and emancipation.



The courage to start a business venture is no mean feat. In a world where women are constantly made to believe that they can’t, starting and seeing through a business can be an act of rebellion. Nominees must have an entrepreneurial venture that is operational. The nominee must be the owner or own a majority in the venture or the venture can be owned by multiple or mostly women.



Sport is a problematic genre in that women’s participation in sport is often recognized or identified as women’s soccer or women’s tennis to name just a few. But women play the same soccer, same tennis as men but their participation is often presented as a sideshow. Nominees must be an active and competing sportsperson or coach or sports development professional with demonstrable achievements.



In this digital age, computer and information technologies have improved most important of our lives and women’s efforts in making this revolution possible ought to be recognized. Nominees must be working either to create solutions using IT (websites and other platforms) or developing IT solutions.



We believe that a network of strong women is the bulwark wall we all need. Nominees must have dedicated a time to mentor other women. The nominees can be working in any field, but a greater part of their lives should have been devoted to lifting other women up.



Music nourishes our souls. It heals broken hearts and awakens sleeping forces within us. The women who create music that make our lives better and meaningful must be recognized and celebrated. Nominees must be a recorded musician who has held one or more public performances. In judging this category, the substance of a nominee’s music will be carefully considered.



In many parts of the world, girls are not given the same opportunities to go to school in the same way as boys. Women who have gone all the way to the top are an inspiration not just to those around them but to girls around the world who are constantly being told that books are the second priority to bedrooms. What better way to celebrate girl power than to present an award to a woman academic whose research can be used to improve other women and girls lives.



We are cognizant of the fact that activism would be meaningless without relevant policies to effect needed changes. The few women who got a sit at the table are not only role models but symbols of women leadership. Those who go on to use their positions to end the suffering of other women; improve the lives of other women; challenge policies that harm women and girls need to be celebrated. Nominees must be working in a public office at any level and must present demonstrable achievements around women emancipation.



An award for an organization or a group of women working together to harness the power of sisterhood to address specific issues in their community. The award is given to the founder or coordinator of the group in recognition of efforts to create a powerful network of strong and initiative-taking women.

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