Cool spring 2019 fashion essentials

Let your hair tumble on your shoulders this spring. We have compiled these simple but cool spring style suggestions. The divine thing about these styles is that they can be achieved on just any budget.

African print

You will absolutely never go wrong with an African print. The combination of complex yet gorgeous patterns plus rich, bold and beautiful colours work for every occasion. If you want to do it safe and stunning, we recommend African print dresses. And, if you are one to rock a headdress, a matching one will complete the look perfectly.

The proverbial short dress

A short dress is always a great and time saving idea. But for spring it is always good to think about the weather temperatures in your own part of the world, that is a cardigan number scores maximum points for your wardrobe's spring dress. Or a stylish full body ensemble and trench coat.


Rubberized materials are good for accentuating your figure just the way it is. so if you are looking to show off your great body (and any body is great by the way) then this material is going to be a goldmine for you this spring. You will do no wrong with a rubber number this spring!

Fanny pack

The fanny pack is a good way to kill two birds with one stone! Cool, stylish and convenient, it does look like the fanny pack is here to stay!

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