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  1.  All decisions of The International Woman Awards organisers and judges are final.

  2. Nominees are responsible for ensuring that their nomination meets all eligibility requirements upon receipt of nomination letter. In the case of error, however, the organisers and judges reserve the right to move an entry into another category if it is more suited to that category.

  3. Judges reserve the right not to make an award in any given category if it is deemed that the high standards required for the award to be conferred have not been met by any of the nominees in that category.

  4. Judges will not enter in any form of correspondence with nominees before or after the decisions have been made, in all matters relating to the award and or category.

  5. By accepting the nomination, the nominee grants and warrants that the nominee is entitled to grant to The International Woman Award the rights to make; the right to record and use the sounds and images of any acceptance speech relating to the nominee in any television broadcast, any website or any other distribution medium or publication in connection with the Awards including for publicity and promotional purposes.

  6. Nominees must be prepared to supply, within one week of notification: high-resolution images and/videos, with full credit for use on The International Woman Award pages, social media and in any other promotional way that the award organisers may deem necessary to promote the award and/or the nominee. The award will not in any way use the images in a way that will harm the integrity or good standing of the nominee or in any way that is not connected to the award.

  7. The nominee will allow The International Woman Award to retain nomination information for reference, non-circulation purposes.

  8. It is the responsibility of the nominee to ascertain completeness, accurateness of all information about their nomination. The International Woman Award shall not be held liable for errors or omissions in any information relating to the nomination which a nominee accepted without putting forward any corrections.

  9. If a nomination is established to have been inaccurate, incomplete, falsified or unverifiable, or if it is deemed ineligible for any other reason, then the nomination will be revoked, and the nominee disqualified.

  10. Winners of the award will be announced for the first time at an awards gala in a city chosen by the organisers and later published on The International Woman Award websites including but not limited to The International Woman Award social media platforms. 

Terms & Conditions